2020-11::1604415397-foto-ofirmie.jpgWe are a family company which has been producing fresh mushrooms for generations, and also opened our processing plant in 1992. Thanks to many years of experience, we can cultivate and produce mushrooms at the highest level, thus meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers. Our products are appreciated in the European Union countries and on the Eastern market because of their high quality. Our full range of products is also appreciated and available domestically. To maintain our high market position, we invest in the development of our plant through the modernisation of our machine park and the certification of our plant.


About the products

Mushrooms have long been known to have immune-supporting, slimming and antibacterial properties. 100 g of mushrooms contain only 22 kcl. They constitute a "BOMB" of vitamins B-B2, PP and B5, as well as folic acid, D, B12 and C. Depending on the product type, mushrooms undergo a pasteurisation and sterilisation process.